Operation | Features | Benefits

OpenFinance services enable customers to focus on creating commercial value by combining existing business products and services with high value aggregated data, while effectively outsourcing the data aggregation process to OpenFinance.

  • • OpenFinance reduces our clients’ operational overhead by providing total operation of the data aggregation lifecycle.

  • • OpenFinance clients can use financial data from any data source and be insulated from the complexity of dealing with data that doesn't match their needs.

  • • OpenFinance allows our clients’ IT staff to deal with a single consolidated view of all financial data, so that they can build their value-added applications on a consistent data model.

  • • OpenFinance provides accurate aggregated data and eliminates errors introduced at the source.

  • • Full multi-currency capabilities are provided across acquisition, normalization and delivery.

  • • Existing Integration with multiple value added service providers enables accurate reporting on performance, attribution, exposure and risk.

  • • Each client receives a data set that includes an Asset Master with cross-referenced identifiers, classifications, sectors, benchmarks and prices.

  • • Data is provided to the client in the original, standard aggregated, and client-directed formats, which enables research and quality checks to be performed.