Provides data aggregation services that automate the gathering of data from numerous sources, in a wide variety of formats, and delivers that data in a single consolidated format.


Aggregates financial information from multiple external institutions, and/or from multiple internal application systems, located anywhere in the world.


Helps firms provide the sophisticated and complex transparency, reporting, business intelligence and analytic services increasingly demanded by their customers.


Provides services to clients across all financial sectors and delivers data across all asset classes, making OpenFinance a leading innovator in data aggregation for more than a decade.


Supplies intelligent content adapters that enrich the data by consolidating information in useful ways. Each content adaptor is tailored to a specific data source or target, and contains all of the business intelligence and rules required to understand and aggregate the data into the client’s data repository.


Provides state of the art security and privacy, meeting the needs of clients requiring the highest degree of confidentiality. OpenFinance breaks the data aggregation process into a series of steps that are automated, monitored, verified and reconciled.


Acquires and aggregates daily more than $2 trillion in assets into a set of consolidated client-defined formats that are easily used to provide highly-demanded reporting services.


Allows clients to focus on their core business objectives and to reduce operational overhead, thereby meeting their business needs with the highest quality services at the lowest cost.


Executive Summary
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Video:  The Value of Data Aggregation
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