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OpenFinance provides a common language and repository for portfolios, client account hierarchies, transactions, positions, corporate actions, prices, security reference data, asset classes, benchmarks, analytics and more.


  • • OpenFinance automatically gathers financial information from multiple sources and consolidates this information into the repository.

  • • Because of the existing relationships and the large volume of data that OpenFinance processes,custodians and other data sources provide OpenFinance with the most detailed and comprehensive data sets available.

  • • OpenFinance understands the proprietary syntax and semantics of each data provider and uses rule-based content adapters to transform external data into a common form for the repository.

  • • OpenFinance's data processing is guided by a workflow engine that ensures that related activities are all synchronized. For example, if a new holding is received, the workflow engine schedules the new security reference information to be acquired dynamically via a call to an external data vendor.

  • • The entire aggregated data set is transferred to our clients in the form that is compatible for use by their business intelligence, analytic and accounting systems.

  • • Data is enriched using a client’s preferred pricing vendors with rules-driven fields, identifiers, currencies, pricing and benchmark services.