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OpenFinance clients frequently use our aggregated data for business intelligence and reporting. In order to demonstrate the possibilities that data aggregation offers, we have developed a set of standard reports using JasperReports and iReport from Jaspersoft.


We offer these report templates to our clients as the basis for their efforts so that they can also use the tools to develop their own unique brand of business intelligence and reporting as well.


Our investment in these tools has paid off handsomely as the learning curve is not steep and the results are comprehensive.


Key Benefits


  • Easy to use, highly featured report generation

  • Multi-platform support for development using Windows or Linux and deployment using Linux

  • PDF and printing support

The following links provide samples of reports that we have developed using Jaspersoft. All of these reports use the same aggregated data that we provide to our clients.


Transaction Report
Position Report
Asset Report

Asset Allocation by Custodian
Asset Allocation by Country/Currency

Market Overview
Investment Summary
Performance by Asset Class