January 2014 - Collection of fund holdings from SEC filings

All fund holdings registered with SEC Edgar are extracted, sorted and correlated in OpenFinance databases in order to do analysis and transparency reporting.

July 2013 - Automated Statement Data Collection

OpenFinance released a new service that automatically extracts holding and performance data from the statements received from hedge funds and private equity funds. Data extracted from thousands of fund statements can now be processed quickly and efficiently. An analyst does a final consistency check before data is committed in order to ensure accuracy.

September 2012 - Integration of Bloomberg Open Symbology

Bloomberg Open Symbology helps OpenFinance to deliver a totally aggregated asset master to our clients. This collaboration is unique because it reduces the complexity of dealing with multiple security identification and classification schemes.

January 2012 - Successful Deployment of New Wealth Management Client

OpenFinance supplies data aggregation for a wealth management solution provider supporting absolute reconciliation of all market values and cash balances with each of the custodians.

November 2011 - OpenFinance releases Client Portal

The first production release of the client portal provides a dynamic view of data delivery status, with two-way communication, along with statistics on records received and processed

February 2011 - OpenFinance displays alpha release of Client Portal.

The alpha release of the Client Portal is being tested and shown to select stakeholders. The Client Portal will provide a client-centric operational view into the status of the OpenFinance workflow engine as it performs the daily data aggregation lifecycle activities.

January 2011 - OpenFinance extends Asset Master with Hedge Fund data.

OpenFinance has integrated hedge fund and fund of fund details into the OpenFinance Asset Master. This data is sourced via an agreement with a best in class provider of hedge fund details and performance. The entire aggregated data set can be made available to licensed clients for research and analytics.

December 2010 - OpenFinance starts project with hedge fund analytics provider.

OpenFinance has entered into a pilot program to outsource the aggregation of client and asset data, and to deliver this data to an East Coast provider of analytics and transparency. The planned solution, servicing more than 75 hedge funds and asset managers, enables the firm to focus more on client needs than operational complexities.

October 2010 - OpenFinance starts pilot project with financial analytics and transparency firm.

OpenFinance has been chosen as the solution to house all of the client and asset data for the ASP implementation of the software provided by a financial analytics and transparency firm addressing asset managers and institutional clients. Implemented as a web service, OpenFinance will house all current and historical data for use by the analytical modules.

September 2010 - OpenFinance supplies data aggregation service to a European wealth management services provider.

A European wealth management services provider is developing a new service that will allow family offices and asset managers in Canada, the US and Europe to flexibly choose their data sources for assets under management. The underlying data aggregation facilities needed to implement this service will be provided solely by OpenFinance.

July 2010 - Large vendor of portfolio accounting services chooses OpenFinance.

A large vendor has chosen OpenFinance for a pilot program to supply aggregation for both the hosted and end-client instances of their accounting platform.

June 2010 - OpenFinance releases details of the upcoming Client Portal.

The features of the beta release of the Client Portal were disclosed to current customers for review. The Client Portal will provide a client-centric operational view into the status of the OpenFinance workflow engine as it performs the daily data aggregation lifecycle activities.

May 2010 - OpenFinance has entered into a joint pilot program with a business intelligence software vendor.

A joint platform is being developed to supply aggregated data to power the dashboard and drill-down capabilities of a financial reporting solution.

April 2010 - An upgrade to the Core Services has enhanced the utility of the Asset Master subsystem

Asset Master V3 includes enhancements and new capabilities, including the means for correlating securities that are related but must be treated separately because they are traded on different exchanges or priced in different currencies, such as ADRs, GDRs, etc.

February 2010 - A new investment in equipment at our US data center has provided a significant increase in capacity and throughput

The new equipment, essentially faster storage and CPUs along with optimization of the configuration, has increased total system bandwidth by 300%. Benchmarks have also shown that certain data operations have been sped up by 300-800%.

January 2010 - An enhancement to the Core Services has been released

This enables clients to enter percentage ownership among the nodes in hierarchy as defined in the Client Profiler application. For example, two legal entities each have a 50% ownership interest in a custodial account. Once the percentages have been defined, the resulting valuation and performance calculations displayed by the Client Profiler obey the percentage ownership.

December 2009 - OpenFinance announces adherence to the State of Massachusetts regulation 201 CMR-17,

ensuring that policies and procedures for containing personal information are supported by our ISO27001/27002 compliant security policy.

November 2009 - OpenFinance has developed a stand-alone application for tokenization (i.e. neutering) of personal information that can be deployed to clients or any data suppliers.

The CLUE (Client Neutering Environment) application is tailored for each source and functions as both a tokenizer and a filter that translates items like account numbers to tokens and removes any other personal information from a source data records without modifying the syntax or format.

November 2009 - OpenFinance retained Tim Harrold to lead business expansion efforts in the UK.

As UK Marketing Manager, Tim will focus on expanding opportunities for data aggregation within multiple financial sectors in the UK and European market.

October, 2009 - Open Finance Aggregation eXchange Ltd. has been formed in the UK as a subsidiary of OpenFinance LLC in the US.

The subsidiary will focus on developing and servicing our expanding business in the United Kingdom.

October1, 2009 - OpenFinance adds Randal McGathey as Managing Director of US Marketing and Sales.

Randy will focus on managing sales employees and consulting staff. He is primarily charged with creating and broadening OpenFinance brand awareness in the US marketplace.

June 2009 - OpenFinance names Managing Director in Chicago

OpenFinance, the leading financial services data aggregator, announced today that Robert Goldbaum joined the firm in June as a Managing Director. He is located in Chicago. Mr. Goldbaum will focus on all financial services verticals, but in particular on Wealth Management, Hedge Funds, Fund Administrators, Prime Brokers and Advisors. He will be tasked with driving business growth through the acquisition of new clients. Robert joins the OpenFinance from Citadel Group where he was Director and Head of Fund of Fund Services.

There, Robert established systems, processes, internal controls, and reporting for Funds of Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds. In less than 9 months, he grew the business to over $3 Billion in external FoF assets and also was a primary contributor to Citadel's investor services and portfolio reporting strategies. Prior to Citadel, Robert founded, grew and sold Financial Interactive, the maker of FundRunner, a leading Due Diligence, Reporting and Investor Relations system with global clients representing over $200 Billion in AUM. Other career highlights include Operations Manager of Robertson Stephens Investment Management and Secretary of their $4 Billion trust.

Ed Loughran, Founding Partner and Managing Director of OpenFinance commented, "We are extremely pleased to have Bob join us; he brings tremendous experience and strong relationships with many individuals who are presently re-shaping the financial services industry. His strong technical background and success as an entrepreneur will be valuable for our clients and partners as well as our own firm. The timing is excellent: OpenFinance is extremely well positioned both competitively and operationally for rapid growth -- and growth is our top business objective. We are confident that Bob will make a huge contribution in that regard."

Contact: Edward T. Loughran, Managing Director, OpenFinance. or +1 646 723 2770. Visit us at

About OpenFinance

OpenFinance is the leading financial data aggregator with several trillion in assets processed every day for financial sectors that include the largest trust, banking and investment institutions, multi-family offices, wealth advisors and consultants. OpenFinance enables financial institutions and their service providers to act as the primary conduit for the aggregation of all of their end-clients' assets. OpenFinance provides end-clients with a comprehensive view of their often widely dispersed assets in one place, and thus provides a way to evaluate their overall portfolio risk and performance. At a time when transparency to global and systemic exposures and risk are at the forefront, OpenFinance users are the most empowered fiduciaries and trusted advisors in the marketplace. For over 15 years the OpenFinance management team has revolutionized the industry by transforming a typically manual aggregation process into an automated workflow that provides its global user base the most flexible, accurate, timely and cost effective solution.

December 2008 - Partnership with announced

OpenFinance is now a certified partner of OpenFinance will provide a standard interface to clients in order to acquire information about portfolios held at financial institutions worldwide.

September 2008 - Swiss private bank integrates external account data into client web portal

Geneva private bank demonstrates integration of external account data into their client web portal with full compatibility with functionality between internal accounts and externally held accounts provided by OpenFinance; begins marketing to IFAs and family offices.

August 2008 - Singapore office and data center opened

Recognizing the need to support the Asian wealth community, OpenFinance opens an office in Singapore. Additionally, an installation of the OpenFinance has been made operational at the Equinix co-location facility in Singapore.

May 2008 - Partnership with ByAllAccounts announced

OpenFinance announces a partnership with ByAllAccounts, a firm that services the investment management community, in order to provide data aggregation services to ByAllAccounts clients.

April 2008 - Partnership with WealthCCC in Geneva, Switzerland

WealthCCC, a leading provider of portfolio reporting to Family Offices, forms a partnership with OpenFinance to purchase data aggregation services and to perform joint marketing .

March 2008 - Disaster recovery and backup site opened in Zurich

Following a need for expanded support in Switzerland, OpenFinance opens a second data center in Switzerland located in Zurich. This site, while independent of the Geneva site, will also provide disaster recovery and backup services. The site also uses the secure co-location facilities of Equinix.

January 2008 - OpenFinance announces pilot project for prestigious private bank in Geneva, Switzerland

A prominent private bank in Geneva has chosen OpenFinance to provide data aggregation to integrate information about portfolios held external to the bank into their client web portal.

August 2007 - Infrastructure installed in Geneva, Switzerland

OpenFinance opens a new data center in Geneva, Switzerland. The co-location site is located on the premises of Equinix, at the Confédération Centre. This data center has been voted the most secure data center in Europe.

July 2007 - OpenFinance begins operation in Zug, Switzerland

OpenFinance is formed as a separate, independent Swiss company to satisfy the security and privacy needs of Swiss (and global) data aggregation clients.

November 2006 - Large Multi Family Office uses OpenFinance

A financial institution with a large MFO client with over US $150 billion is using data aggregation from OpenFinance.

September 2006 - Joint Marketing with Capgemini

Capgemini and the OpenFinance embark on a series of initiatives to jointly market the services of OpenFinance to financial institutions.

August 2006 - Partnership with Statpro, Ltd announced

OpenFinance enters in a partnership with Statpro Ltd., a global provider of analytics software for investment management. The partnership enables Statpro clients to perform analytics on data aggregated by OpenFinance eXchange. Additionally, OpenFinance clients can utilize risk, attribution, compliance and performance information calculated by Statpro.

July 2006 - Pilot Project with New York Based Private Bank

A New York based private bank is starting a pilot project to use the OpenFinance to acquire portfolio information from seven different accounting systems and present the information to the bank in consolidated form for reporting to VHNW clients.

September 2005 - Marketing of OpenFinance services starts

Based on the findings of the initial meetings and market research, OpenFinance embarks on sales and marketing efforts in Switzerland, Europe and the UK.

August 2005 - First Office and Network Infrastructure opened in Switzerland

OpenFinance opens a sales office and installs the first operational European software installation of its solution in Zurich.

July 2005 - Findings on Services and Pricing for OpenFinance presented in UK, Switzerland and Europe

Detailed findings on the market research for services and pricing is presented to a set of potential clients, sponsors and partners.

April 2005 - Market Research Findings Presented in Switzerland

A set of meetings with financial services firms, consultants and FOs in Switzerland has been completed in which the strategy and findings of the market research on the OpenFinance offering were presented.

March 2005 - Final Market Research Findings Presented in London

A set of meetings with financial services firms, consultants and FOs in the UK has been completed in which the strategy and findings of the market research on the OpenFinance offering were presented.

November 2004 - Initial Market Research Meetings held in London

A set of meetings on market research was held in London with a set of representatives from Family Offices, Multiple Family Offices and European Financial Institutions on the proposed services to be offered by a new division of OpenFinance.